Living in the Netherlands but Dutch not your first language? Then dealing with the tax authorities can be daunting, as not only tax returns but also all correspondence with the tax department is in Dutch.
I can help. I can help you to make sense of the Dutch returns and explain how the Dutch tax system works in English.

Yvonne Hiemstra Belastingen is a one-woman enterprise which can take care of your income tax returns, VAT, annual accounts and keep your accounts.

I’m to be found in the Watergraafsmeer, a suburb towards the east of Amsterdam, and I work throughout the city itself, but also in Diemen, Durgerdam and Amsterdam Zuid-Oost/Bijlmer.

I help private individuals and the self-employed with their tax, but I can also draft annual accounts for partnerships (vennootschap onder firma or VOF) and foundations (stichting). I try to go just a little further than other tax advisers by giving more personal attention. I can come to you (or you can come to me) to help you complete your income tax and VAT returns. I can also apply for a deferral (or extension) for your income tax return until 1 May of the following year, so that (for example) the deadline for your return over 2018 can be extended until 1 May 2020.
I can also go through your personal accounts with you to help you gain a better insight in how your business is performing and how to streamline and improve your accounts.

Privite individuals

Need to submit an income tax return, but baffled by the more complex aspects such as the purchase of a house, a mortgage, annuities or gifts? Or do you want to ensure that your return is correct? Ask me for help. This is what it will cost:

Income tax return if you have no fiscal partner (digital)

€ 150 incl. VAT

Income tax return if you have no fiscal partner
(on paper)

(you’ll receive a paper return in the year you leave or arrive in the Netherlands)

€ 200 incl. VAT

Income tax return if you have a fiscal partner

If you’re married, have a notarial co-habitation agreement, if you and your partner are owner-occupants of your own home or if you live with the parent of your child, you are deemed to be fiscal partners. That means you can submit a joint tax return or re-allocate certain tax deductions between yourselves. I can help you get the most out of such a re-allocation or simply explain the pros and cons in terms of tax.

€ 200 incl. VAT (digital)
€ 250 incl. VAT
(on paper)

If we do your income tax return together, you can also ask me to check your allowances. This is what it will cost:

Extra for allowances

€ 75 incl. VAT


I can also advise you, for example on annuities, pensions, gifts or inheritances. I charge an hourly rate for this:

€ 120 incl. VAT

Self Employed

I can offer the self-employed three packages:

General partnership | VOF

I charge general partnerships (vennootschap onder firma or VOF) as follows. This fee is for two partners:
Please ask me for the fee for a general partnership of three or more partners.


Do you operate as a foundation (stichting)? In that case, it’s wise to have the annual accounts drafted by a professional. Annual accounts consist of the profit-and-loss accounts and the balance-sheet as of the beginning and end of the year. I can offer the following options.

Annual accounts

You do the foundation’s accounts yourself in Excel or with a bookkeeping programme and at the end of the year, I draft the annual accounts: I check the invoices and confirm whether all the expenditure is deductible, correcting whatever’s necessary. I use that to draft the profit-and-loss accounts and the balance-sheet as of the beginning and end of the year.

vanaf € 300 excl. VAT

Annual accounts and VAT

Sometimes a foundation is also required to charge VAT. I can therefore also take care of your VAT returns. That means I check the VAT on your income and expenditure and draft a quarterly VAT return. If your foundation operates in other EU member states, I can also complete the return for intra-community trade you’ll need for that.

Annual accounts and 4 quarterly VAT returns

vanaf € 500 excl. VAT

Annual accounts, VAT and the accounts

You can also farm out your accounts completely. I then book the invoices and the expenditure, draft the annual accounts and submit the VAT returns.

vanaf € 750 excl. VAT

Hourly rate

If you have urgent or specific questions, I can offer advice at an hourly rate:

Advice per hour
€ 120 incl. VAT

For more information, call +31 (0)6 227 52 294

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